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Professional Powerlifting Competition Tips

We occasionally hear the tale of a person who physically lifted a car to save another individual. We all know that the human body has the ability to master high strengths especially when adrenaline levels are high. Emotions are a gift for a human which create endless possibilities of even those things that one thought he/she could never do. Using such emotions and the adrenaline rush we all need now and again, power lifters have the ability to lift enormous amounts of weights.

The key to a successful power lifter is not only on how much he/she practises, but also the techniques involved. One must respect that in true reality a balance of weight training, diet, resting and technique all play an equal role in the success of a power lifters career. However today we will mainly focus on the technique aspect of power lifters and how it affects an individual’s performance.  

If you have ever been to a power lifting competition and had the privilege to go back stage, you will expect to see a few remarkable sights. It is quite common to see a power lifters partner slap them on their head, shoulder or back in order to give them that extra boost. It has been proven by various medical studies that a hint of pain in the human body is known to give a shot of adrenaline rush which helps assist the lifter during their performance. In some extreme cases where one is competing during a competition it is normal to see a friend of a power lifter punch them prior to the lifting sessions. It really has proven to get one’s performance levels at a high.

Another technique that is more commonly used amongst various power lifters is smelling salts. With time more and more power lifters have adopted this technique of sniffing salts just before their lifts. They are known to increase alertness amongst and individual due it its strong aroma. This immediate sense of rush has proven to give a power lifter the extra urge and push that sometimes is needed for the decisive win or loss situation.   

Many power lifters also find verbal cues from spotters as a useful and effective technique as well. Hearing someone shouting down your ear can always have an encouraging impact to give you that final push.

Medical and athlete research have show that “psyching up” is a highly new but effective way to increase performance levels especially when required. Nearly all athletes do it, however us noticing it from a spectators view is a debate for another day. You may have noticed that many power lifters try to lift weight at a fast pace. This is all a result of psyching up.

The human body is a fascinating creation that has many little “x factor” points, which if triggered at the correct time and place can create remarkable results. These were only a few common techniques that have been outlined however professional power lifters themselves have also adapted personal techniques which suit their individual motivational need.

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