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Powerlifting Bench Press

How To Build More Muscle Mass for Powerlifting

Power lifting is a more advanced version of the traditional used terms of weight training and/or even body building. It consists of heavier weight training in comparison to the other two. There are many power lifting competitions that take place around the world which mainly involve the lifting of the maximum amount in one reputation. You are given three attempts to achieve this goal, with the attempts having to be based in squats, bench press and the deadlift.

The reason power lifting is more widely popular amongst both body building and weight training is largely due to the speed at which it allows muscle to grow. Power lifting routines are known to be the fastest ways to get stronger and gaining muscle mass really fast. Obviously pumping heavy weights is not enough. One is requires to pay attention to his diet by eating additional amounts accordingly for your muscles to develop fully. It is important to understand the difference between strength and size when it comes to power lifting. One’s aim should always be to get stronger before getting bigger. This helps prevent injury in both competitions and training.

There are some important facts that one should be aware of before thinking to start a power lifting routine. All points are mainly focused on helping the growth speed of your muscles. Unlike with weight lifting and body building where one can begin immediately, knowing he is a healthy individual, however with power lifting this is not the case. A doctor’s approval is necessary regardless of how healthy one may be. There is a vast difference in the routine one takes during a weight lifting or/and body building routine and not much stress is exposed to the muscles at one go. The process is slow and repetitive. With power lifting it is the opposite. The stress levels for your muscles are four times greater as they will be exposed to constant heavy weight on a “quick fire” basis. You will need to assure that all your joints are as healthy as they can be and that both your joints and muscles can deal with the heavy load. Also those individuals with any heart, circulatory or other health related issues should consult their doctor before moving forward. 

Upon approval, the next stage is deciding whether the power lifting is just for a self satisfaction purpose or you will be competing. If your plan is to compete, it is recommended to make an investment in to the gear that will be involved as it is more beneficial in the long run this way. The gear would include chalk, wrist wraps, knee wraps, back wraps and other power lifting items which would be used on a regular basis. If you’re unsure of where to buy such equipment you can grab a power lifting magazine from a local store that will have thousands of advertisements of popular stores offering such equipment.  
With your routine, eating well and resting is a necessity. 

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