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Powerlifting Bench Press

Powerlifting Rules

Here are the basics of powerlifting. You get three attempts to do as much weight as you can in the three powerlifts, the squat, bench press, and deadlift. The winner of a weight class is the one who has the highest three lift total. The lifts are contested in that order. Once you have chosen a weight and the bar is loaded you cannot choose a lighter weight for your second and third attempts. If you are attempting a world record or national record, you may be awarded a fourth attempt that will not count towards the total.

The Squat is not the typical gym "squat." Most gym squats would be laughed out of a power meet. You take the weight off the racks and walk backwards. When you are standing errect with the weight on your shoulders, the head judge gives you the signal to go down. You must go down until the tops of your thighs are slightly below parallel to the floor. Most gym squats are only half way there at most. Once you reach depth you head up immediately. You don't have to pause, only reach depth. Once back up and fully errect with the knees locked the head judge gives the signal to rack the weight. Once you get the first step the spotters can help you with racking the weight.

Causes for disqualification include: Not waiting for the judge's signals; Not locking out the knees; stumbling at completition; And the number one problem, not enough depth.

The Bench Press is strictly judged in theory, but most of the bad lifts passed are benches. To be a good lift you can't bounce the bar off your chest. There has to be a pause at the chest. The arms have to extend at the same time. You must keep your butt and shoulders on the bench. Your feet cannot move. So you see, you must perform it strictly. I have just mentioned the main points, the rules links above will give you details.

The deadlift is perhaps the easiest lift to judge. It is usually an all or nothing affair. It either goes or doesn't go. You can't use gloves or straps in this event, however you can use chalk to help your grip. The bar can't rest on your thighs. It travels up them, but cannot rest on them. I know that is a bit of a semantics thing, but it is hard to explain. The bar can stop moving but can't go back down.

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