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Powerlifting Bench Press

Top Five Exercises for Powerlifting

Several exercises are included in a powerlifting routine. Since this method of conditioning your body requires more physical capabilities than regular weight lifting, it is recommended a physician be consulted before beginning a routine. Powerlifting is a method that will quickly build muscle and tone the body as well as add strength. Strength is required before attempting this exercise. Slowly but surely the level of strength will increase.

The first step prior to beginning a workout is to stretch and condition your body to prevent injuries while powerlifting.  This is required for all fitness routines.
Some of the most popular exercises that are used to tone and build muscle are provided below.  Though there are more, the most frequently used are listed. The internet is an excellent resource to find more information and more exercise to develop the perfect routine geared toward your preference and physical abilities.

  1. The most beneficial exercise is a powerlifting routine is the deadlift as it allows working the entire body at once. The exercise works the entire back area, biceps, the arms, abdominal area and neck simultaneously. This may act as a test for physical capabilities as well. If you can handle this physically, then almost any powerlifting exercise is appropriate for you.
  2. Squats are also an excellent exercise for muscle gaining and toning the body. Just like with the deadlift, this will also tone the muscle quickly since this releases anabolic hormones. Ensure you are doing the full squats as the full squat will have a higher benefit than the half squats. The lower portion of the body is worked to build the muscles and add strength.
  3. Another popular exercise is the bench press to build the upper body muscles. This method allows the use of the maximum weight that can be handled by an individual’s body and aids in building the body’s muscle mass.
  4. Pushups are a common exercise to build the muscle in the body, as this method works the pecs, triceps as well as delts. Once the routine and abilities have been progressed, more advanced methods will be required and pushups will not be enough.
  5. Another excellent method to tone muscle in the entire body is the Push press. It works the biceps, arms, hamstrings, quads, hamstrings and much more, similar to the bench press. This is a form that is very rare but should be incorporated more. It is an Olympic type procedure.

As mentioned earlier in this brief writing, there are many other exercises that will help to build body muscle and tone to give more strength.  Some of the other exercises include bent over rows, parallel bar dips, chin ups, military presses and many more.

An individual must incorporate care into the routine. Always know when to stop. Knowing your abilities and non-abilities will protect you from over-exertion and bodily harm. See a doctor before beginning a routine and ensure you are already in excellent health before powerlifting.

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